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Kris Hudak Is Honored For Her Above and Beyond Leadership


One never knows day to day when one’s leadership talents will be called into immediate action and that is what happened a few weeks ago when a tornado was spotted near our Loves Park site. A tornado warning had not been tested under pandemic conditions when the Work Center was divided into five pods and the rest of the building was also following strict health and safety protocols. In pre-pandemic conditions, everyone would go to one safe part of the building for protection. But our work lives were different now and so Kris Hudak, Director of Rehabilitation Services, stepped up and took on the responsibility of directing staff and consumers to various safe areas within the large building. She was, therefore, recognized and honored last week for her 110% efforts. Ray Clarke, Director of Facility Operations, submitted the following nomination:

On Wednesday July 7th, 2021 Kristen acted quickly and decisively during a threat of a possible tornado to keep everyone at our Loves Park location safe. Kristen directed both Employees and Consumers to the safest places within the facility while attempting to maintain proper distancing between individual groups due to COVID 19. Kristen also took the time to ensure that others were aware of where everyone was located in case the building had been struck by the storm, as people were directed to areas that they may have not been normally assigned to.

I believe Kristen went above and beyond what is expected of her as the Director of Vocational Rehab Services during the time of an emergency. Kristen demonstrated quick thinking in a potential crisis, ensuring that everyone was safe, and was able to go home.

Kris was honored for her service excellence and leadership with a Letter and Certificate of Recognition, a 110% pin, and a personal gift.

Ray Clarke, Kris Hudak, Sandy Wood
Ray Clarke, Kris Hudak, Sandy Wood