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"Creating Solutions for Everyone"


Bridgeway Inc. envisions a world where people live to their full potential.


The mission of the Bridgeway Inc. is "Creating Solutions for Everyone".


At Bridgeway, we have an extensive history of being creative and innovative in every service that we provide. We focus on the most innovative and cost-effective methods for problem solving in partnership with our consumers.


When people look to Bridgeway for help, they are looking for someone to help them solve their life’s problems. Meeting the needs of our consumers, and everyone we work with, is our goal.

For Everyone…

Bridgeway embraces diversity and does not discriminate against any person for any reason.

Brief History

Bridgeway Inc. was formed October 1, 1993 by the merger of McDonough County Rehabilitation Center (MCRC) founded in 1972 and Spoon River Incorporated (SRI) founded in 1971 and its affiliate corporations, Harrington Family Services and Spoon River Center. These human service corporations, having served west-central Illinois for decades, joined together to continue to meet the ever-growing needs and challenges of providing community-based health and human services. These services are designed to assist and empower people in maximizing their potential for personal development and growth in all areas of human functioning.

Bridgeway’s history dates as far back as 1890 with the formation of the "Galesburg Free Kindergarten" which was founded by a local teacher who educated impoverished children in her own home. The efforts to care for disadvantaged children and families rapidly evolved and for many decades served hundreds of orphaned children widely known as the Harrington Home. The legacy of the Harrington Home and Harrington Family Services still survives today in the Bridgeway family of companies and is known today as Harrington Family Services Foundation. Resources from the Harrington Family Services Foundation continue to support services for youth and families throughout our community.


Our primary focus is on the needs and desires of the individuals served; the development of innovative ways to achieve consumer goals, the removal of barriers that hinder access to services and the continuous enhancement of the quality of our services and the quality of life for those we serve.

Values Principles