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Employment Opportunities for Everyone

Bridgeway is a leader in the development of "affirmative businesses" which are created with the primary mission of employing people with disabilities. These businesses operate with an integrated work-force with disabled people working right alongside the non-disabled. Bridgeway businesses provide needed products and services as well as a wide range of contract services. Our businesses are designed to provide revenue that decreases Bridgeway’s dependence on state service dollars, as well as providing invaluable employment opportunities for our communities.

Bridgeway businesses meet the work quality and individual contract turnaround demands for each customer, while providing employment for disabled individuals in integrated work settings. By providing a supportive business environment in which to learn about the world of work, people with disabilities can receive the supports necessary to compete in the workplace, build self-esteem by contributing to a business venture, and become more financially independent. Few things are more significant to integration into the mainstream community than the ability to hold a real job. In this way, Bridgeway’s businesses contribute to our mission which is to work in partnership with all people to live the American dream and lead full and meaningful lives.

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