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Success Stories


Tanya began CES services with Bridgeway February 12, 2020, referred from Rosecrance Ware Center. She immediately began working closely with Bridgeway and her Employment Specialist, Melissa Atherton, developing her job-seeking skills, practicing her interviewing and job-readiness, and meeting weekly for job development. Tanya was eager and driven to find employment quickly, which she did on April 1, 2020 when she started working as a short order cook/cashier at Jamaican on State. Tanya had this to say when asked what she likes about her new job, “I’m doing something I love, I got my food handler license, and they are working around my Rosecrance schedule.”

When asked what she liked most about the Bridgeway program she stated, “My employment specialist, the way you treat people, and the help you give”. Words of wisdom Tanya had for future Bridgeway clients was, “Don’t give up! Be honest and tell your employment specialist the truth. Never give up on yourself. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” Tanya stated what helped her the most from her employment specialist was, “her support and pushing me not to give up.”

Tanya will be celebrating 1 year of sobriety next month, and she hopes to continue her education to become an addiction counselor, so that she can help others, the way she has been helped. Tanya has a drive and fire within her and her employment specialist believes she will be able to accomplish this goal, along with anything else she puts her mind to.

All good things to Tanya as she continues on her path!