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Success Stories


Ashlee is a great example of why 2nd chances are so important. Ashlee, who has a developmental disability, previously didn’t have a good track record with community employment. Many questioned whether she was suitable to succeed working in the community (but never her dad or Bridgeway). With hard work and a lot of determination Ashlee has surpassed her 90 days of employment milestone. When Ashlee came to Bridgeway for the second time she and her dad were adamant she could work in the community. Ashlee and her dad were so determined to prove this that she attended all Job Clubs and Vocational classes offered to her. Ashlee and her Employment Specialist immediately began working on social skills and appropriate work place behavior. Ashlee excelled at every task asked of her. Ashlee’s hard work paid off on March 11, 2021 when she started her new job at a local Fast Food restaurant cleaning the dining room and running food orders to customers. Ashlee worked so hard to learn all of her new job tasks and prove she was a valuable member of the team that she received a great review and a $1.00 an hour raise within the first month! Recently she was also recognized for her Exceptional Guest Service.

Ashlee’s Employment Specialist and her dad never doubted her ability to succeed in community employment and we expect only good things moving forward. When asked what she liked most about working, Ashlee had this to say, “Having money, meeting new people, and having a new job” When Ashlee’s dad was asked what he liked most about Bridgeway, he commented, “Getting her the proper training she needs to get into the work force and helping her maintain employment.”