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Success Stories


Nate is a great example of how successful employment can change an individual’s life in so many positive ways. On March 12, 2021, Nate accepted a full-time custodian position with the Par-a-dice Casino.

Prior to accepting this positon, Nate has been receiving Community Employment Services for several years, working with Employment Specialists and completing many job applications. Nate was persistent, though at times it seemed that hope was grim. Nate applied for social security benefits due to his mental illness as he did not know if he was going to become employed, and he thought this was the only way to receive financial support. In addition, Nate’s physical health had taken a turn, receiving a diabetes diagnosis for which he had to learn to manage. Despite the challenges, Nate continued to apply for several job openings.

Nate transitioned effortlessly from being unemployed the last two years to working a full-time job. For many weeks, Nate has volunteered to work overtime (40-50 hours a week) to cover unfilled shifts for call-ins while having perfect attendance himself. Nate has been recognized by his employer for doing an outstanding job and was nominated for “Employee of the Month”. In addition, Nate has been approached about training for a supervisor role.

Nate’s work success has also brought on many other positive changes in terms of being able to purchase a new car, being in his best physical shape in years and improved relations with his family. Nate recently met his 90 days successful employment milestone and we could not be prouder! Nate continues to shine every day and positive results are coming his way!

So CONGRATULATIONS to Nate on a job well done and BEST WISHES as you continue your journey to success!