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Success Stories


Jordan moved into Grant Street CILA group home in October 2019. Jordan has a passion for bowling and his bowling scores are higher than average. Jordan had been playing in a community league until a physical injury delayed his bowling career. Jordan is a younger man who has expressed a desire to work in the community. Jordan has been part of our day program and had done volunteering in the community. Jordan has a lot of energy and due to his young age, is not eligible for work under 14c sheltered work. Jordan worked with the CES team and after several job applications and interviews, he was able to secure a part time job in the community. A large team effort is needed to help Jordan work, especially during a pandemic. Jordan works at a site that also has a vulnerable population and Bickford Cottage required weekly testing as well as he could not have physical job supports on site. Jordan tolerated the weekly COVID19 testing and did his best to cope with the anxieties of a new work situation without the presence of staff support on the work site. The vocational outcome has included a team of supports behind the scenes. Jordan’s work presented internal and external challenges for the clinical team, but gaining employment for a CILA resident is a reason to celebrate. Gaining employment, during a pandemic, working through transportation, training, testing, and self-monitoring for symptoms of COVID19 to reduce transmission between vulnerable settings without any evidence of exposure to other CILA peers or staff is short of amazing.