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Success Stories

Yazid "Bob"

Meet Yazid, or as he likes to be called “Bob”. Bob’s road to Bridgeway was not an easy one. He first visited our Loves Park workshop in July of 2019 just as we started to transition to a Community Day Service, which was exactly what Bob was looking for, a mix of work experience and Life Skills classes. Unfortunately his admission had to be put on hold until the transition was finalized and then COVID struck! As Bob patiently waited at home and Bridgeway navigated how we were going to be able to bring back the consumer trainees we were already serving, we finally got the great news that we had been approved as a Community Day Service which opened the doors for Bob to join our team.

Fast forward to June 2021 and Bob reports to Bridgeway for his first day of work. I bring him to his group and introduce him to all of his coworkers as Yazid and this young man that towers over me bends over and quietly whispers “Bob”. I look at him a bit puzzled and he shyly says please call me Bob. So Bob it is. Bob spent the first few days with his head down and not interacting with his coworkers. He would frequently tell the staff that he couldn’t do the job or ask repeatedly if he was doing it right. In the short time Bob has been at Bridgeway he now holds his head high. He is proud of his work. His production rate continues to improve daily. He is trying new things daily and volunteering to help with tasks in Life Skills. He has an amazing work ethic and is incredibly respectful of his supervisor and peers. He is a proud member of the blue pod in Loves Park. Go BLUE!