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Ozzy has been a long time Packer’s fan and recipient of services at Bridgeway. Ozzy has a quick sense of humor, a love for 80’s metal bands and he loves to sing and make cards for people he cares about. Ozzy’s heart is as big as his passion for Green Bay. He shares a room with an older person and each night they have a bedtime ritual, much like they used to say “goodnight” on the Walton’s TV Show. Ozzy likes to play Connect Four with a friend and enjoys listening to music. In 2019, Ozzy received an award for Pekin Consumer of the Year and was recognized at a celebratory event in front of a room of over 200 people.

In his younger years, Ozzy was quite feisty and could give you a run for your money. Ozzy continues to have that feisty spirit, but he moves a little bit slower than he used to. Ozzy would like to do work for money, but hasn’t had an opportunity to work recently due to the pandemic. Ozzy has taken the pandemic in stride and made the most of it by purchasing pajama outfits for every day of the week. He likes to joke and make other people smile and he loves to sing. In a recent memorial at his home for a peer, Ozzy led the singing of “Love Me Tender” to celebrate his peer’s life. Ozzy is full of surprises and he recently announced his biggest life changing decision this year, he quit smoking, cold turkey!